Coronavirus (Covid-19)

We are happy to accept bookings for dates in the future but so long as HM Government's advice to stay home and avoid non-essential journeys remains in force we shall remain closed.
If you book a holiday for some time in the future and any relevant advice or restrictions remain in operation when your holiday is due to start, we shall have no option but to cancel your booking. We must all act responsibly and as a business we have a duty to protect ourselves and the local community during these difficult times.
Our basic Terms & Conditions remain in force with the following alterations to clauses 3 and 4.:

These revised Terms & Conditions shall only apply whilst relevant HM Government regulations and advice concerning the Coronavirus outbreak remain in force. Following the removal or relaxation of these restrictions all bookings will be subject to our standard Terms & Conditions.

3. Cancellations by you. If you have to cancel your holiday please let us know as soon as possible and send a confirmation letter or email.
For holidays due to start on or after 23rd March 2020 and whilst relevant HM Government advice and restrictions remain in force, clauses 3a) and 3b) shall apply:
a) Should you wish to cancel we will initially offer you the option to move your holiday to a later date. The cost of your moved holiday will be subject to the rates in force for the new dates you have selected.
b) If having offered you alternative dates you still wish to cancel your holiday, we will fully refund any monies paid (including the deposit) minus an administration charge of £10.00

4. Cancellations by us. Whilst HM Government advice and/or restrictions concerning the coronavirus outbreak which relate to non-essential travel and staying at home remain in force, we reserve the right to cancel any bookings due to start on or after 23rd March 2020 at short notice. Should we have to cancel your booking due to the ongoing advice and/or restrictions, we will offer you the option of moving your holiday to a later date or having any monies (including the deposit) paid returned. Should you choose to have your deposit/full payment returned this will be subject to an administration charge of £10.00. We will not offer to find you alternative accommodation.
We shall not be liable for any of your financial claims or losses as a result of this cancellation.