British Cycling

We’re delighted to have had British Cycling’s medal-winning Olympic hopeful Ellie Dickinson, along with GB Para-cycling coach Andrew Pink staying with us.

Here they are, alongside Teresa, before setting out on an inevitably lumpy training ride.

We wish them every success for the future.

Winter Ridge Trailer

Filmed on location in Lynton and Lynmouth we are happy to have played a minor role (providing accommodation for most of the crew) in this award winning production. There are several glimpses of the fantastic scenery which this area has to offer. (Apologies for the expletive at 36 seconds!)

It is hoped that the film will be on general release in the UK before too long.

Winter Ridge – Film premiere

Winter Ridge is opening the London Independent Film Festival 2018. The première is being shown in London on April 13th at 9pm.

It is hard to believe that it is only 12 months since we were having discussions about providing accommodation for the majority of the crew.

We are looking forward to seeing the film at Lynton’s own private screening. Let’s hope the press like it and that it is picked up by a major distributor.

We still have places available for Easter, if you want to come and see where the film was made.

Guest Wi-Fi

We are really pleased to announce that we now have a fast Wi-Fi connection available in all of our cottages. No more having to traipse to the Guest Room to experience the painfully slow  connection we had before. Thanks again to Connecting Devon and Somerset and Airband Community Internet.

Airband – Wireless Broadband

Yippee! We’ve finally got faster broadband, thanks to Airband Community Internet Ltd and Connecting Devon and Somerset. It all works by a ‘Line of Sight’ radio link to a nearby transmitter. Yesterday we had a meagre 1.7Mbps, today we are up to 30Mbps – a considerable improvement.

Next step is to install a ‘Campus Network’ so that we can provide WiFi in every cottage without guests having to go into the Guest Room. We’re hoping to get this up and running within the next 2 to 3 weeks. Watch this space!Airband aerial

The Walker, Lynmouth

A new sculpture by Richard Graham arrived in Lynmouth this week.

It was unveiled by BBC Countyfile’s presenter, John Craven. ‘The Walker’ stands at the end of the Coleridge Way walk at the very point where the South West Coast Path and The Two Moors Way intersect on The Esplanade in Lynmouth.








If you want to have a closer look, you’ll find him opposite The Pavilion at the bottom end of the Lynton/Lynmouth Cliff Railway.

Acrobat Challenge

You wouldn’t believe it, listening to this, that before we moved to Devon to run Dean Steep, I used to work as a professional trombonist in the orchestra of  ‘Phantom of the Opera’ in London’s West End.

This is my contribution to the ‘Acrobat Challenge’ to raise funds for a fellow  trombonist suffering from a nasty form of Hodgkins Lymphoma. Donations at

This was shot in the corner of one of our fields which is mown to make a small football pitch for our guests. From here you can walk up the field and down the lane into Lynton, The Valley of Rocks and Lee Bay.

Winter Ridge

We’re looking forward to having several members of the film crew of ‘Winter Ridge’ staying with us for the next 3 weeks, whilst they are filming in and around the local area.

Winter Ridge: Written by Ross Owen Williams, directed by Dom Lenoir and starring Matt Hookings, Olwen Catherine Kelly, Hannah Waddingham, Alan Ford and Michael McKell  is a psychological thriller –

Tearing himself away from the bedside of his coma-bound wife, a Police Detective investigates a series of suspicious deaths, only to discover the nature of the crimes are far closer to him than he first thought.

Set in a vast and remote landscape in a fictional town, Lynton & Lynmouth and Exmoor have provided the film makers with the perfect location.

We can’t wait to see the film when it is released in June.

Street Child

We are delighted that our donation of a week’s holiday for the Street Child Winter Ball charity auction went towards raising nearly £25,000. We look forward to meeting the winners when they come to stay.

Street Child is a UK based charity helping deprived and orphaned children in West Africa. They have recently helped 5,800 children, who were orphaned in the Ebola crisis, to start attending school.

Thanks to our son Andy for putting us in touch with them, through a contact he made during his gap year in Tanzania.streetchildkid